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Swarovski crystal pearl bridal hair pins

Bridal Hair Accessory - BGP1a

Option 1
6mm Pearls

Pin OR Grip

Option 2
8mm Pearls

Pin OR Grip

Option 3
10mm Pearls


3 Pins
5 Pins
6 Pins
7 Pins
9 Pins
11 Pins
12 Pins
15 Pins
18 Pins




Sorry - we are no longer accepting orders

The simplest, but prettiest of hair accessories - subtle elegant pearls of the highest quality to adorn your hair on your wedding day.

These pins can be worn alone in dressed hair or used to add interest to the back of your hair if wearing a tiara - an excellent idea if you are wearing a veil and are planning to remove it for the reception and would still like to add some detail to dressed hair.

Available in 36 different colours of traditional Swarovski Crystal Pearl range plus 9 in the new Swarovski Crystal Pearl Gemcolours range, we're sure you'll find a colour to match your wedding's colour scheme.

Ordering Information: We are quite happy for you to mix both the colours and sizes of the pearl pins you order AND to supply a combination of pins AND grips (please remember Option 3 in the 10mm pearl can ONLY be supplied as a pin).

Please place the order for one of the options and add details of the additional pins you require to the Additional Information box on the order form. For example if you'd like 3 10mm pins in Gold, 3 6mm and 2 8mm in Cream, please place your order using the details for the 10mm pins and add the 6mm and 8mm pins to the Additional Information box.

Alternatively you can order each option on a separate order form and we will combine the orders and apply if discounts (if available).

Please also use this process if you'd like to mix this pearl pin with sister design BGP1b in Swarovski Crystal Faceted Rounds or BGP1c in Swarovski Faceted Bicone beads.

This design is available in any option as a pin. Options 1 and 2 are also available as grips. The size and colours of both pins and grips are shown here:

45mm Grips 65mm Grips 60mm Pins 65mm Pins
Silver Brown Metallic Silver Metallic Silver
Metallic Gold (limited) Metallic Gold Metallic Gold
Metallic Matte Gold Pale Blonde
Matte Gold/Light Blonde Mid Brown

Ordering and Customizing Your Hair Pin

All our hair pins/grips are handmade to order and it is easy to customize your bridal hair pins/grips to meet your specific requirements - and remember by changing the colours used, you may create something unique for your wedding day!

The Hair Pins shown in the picture are in Light Creamrose Swarovski Crystal Pearls on a gold plated pin and finished in gold wire.

When ordering you will need to tell us:
  • What colour metal you would like - this pin/grip is available in Silver OR Gold Plated wire;
  • What length AND colour pin OR grip you'd like:
    For Option 1 and 2 please make your choice from the list above;
    For Option 3 you can choose either a 60mm OR 65mm long pin in EITHER Brown, Metallic Gold OR Metallic Silver;
  • What size Swarovski Crystal Pearl you'd like - for the 6mm size order BGP1a - Option 1, for the 8mm bead order BGP1a - Option 2, for the 10mm bead order BGP1a - Option 3;
  • What colour Swarovski Crystal Pearl you'd like us to use - the bead colour charts below show all available options.
White swarovski crystal pearl
Cream Swarovski pearl
Light creamrose swarovski crystal pearl
Light Creamrose
Light gold swarovski crystal pearl
Light Gold
Ivory swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Platinum swaovski crystal pearl
Powder almond swarovski crystal pearl
Powder Almond
Gold Swarovski pearl
Vinatge gold swarovski crystal pearl
Vintage Gold
Rose gold swarovski crystal pearl
Rose Gold
Bright gold swarovski crystal pearl
Bright Gold
Peach Swarovski pearl
Rose peach swarovski crystal pearl
Rose Peach
Pink coral swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Pink Coral*
Coral swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Rosaline swarovski crystal pearl
Powder rose swarovski crystal pearl
Powder Rose
Provence lavender swarovski crystal pearl
Provence Lavender
Mauve Swarovski pearl
Dark purple swarovski crystal pearl
Dark Purple
Maroon Swarovski pearl
Burgundy swarovski crystal pearl
Red coral swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Red Coral*
Bordeaux swarovski crystal pearl
Jade swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Light green swarovski crystal pearl
Light Green
Powder green swarovski crystal pearl
Powder Green
Drak green swarovski crystal pearl
Dark Green
Light blue swarovski crystal pearl
Light Blue
Turquoise swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Lapis swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Dark lapis swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Dark Lapis*
Tahitian Swarovski pearl
Petrol swarovski crystal pearl
Midnight blue Swarovski pearl
Midnight Blue
Copper swarovski crystal pearl
Bronze swarovski crystal pearl
Antique brass Swarovski pearl
Antique Brass
Brown Swarovski pearl
Deep brown swarovski crystal pearl
Deep Brown
Light grey swarovski crystal pearl
Light Grey
Grey swarovski crystal pearl
Black swarovski crystal pearl
Mystic black swarovski crystal pearl
Mystic Black*

Please Remember: It is very difficult to convey the beautiful colours and exceptional quality of these beads in a picture. Also, how you view the colours may vary according to the monitor and internet browser you are using.

If you have any doubts about the colour choices you are interested in, please let us know and we will send you a sample.

Measuring & Fitting Advice

These pearl pins are 6mm, 8mm or 10mm wide, depending on the bead size chosen.

Please add either 6mm, 8mm or 10mm to the length of pin you'd like for the finished length of this design.

There are no special fitting instructions for these pins. However can we suggest that if you're planning to scatter the pins throughout your hair, think if you'd like lots of smaller 8mm pins, a smaller number of the 10mm option or a mixture of both. Why not ask your hairdresser's advice first?

Remember - odd numbers are always more pleasing to the eye!

Sorry - we are no longer accepting orders