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Crystal ab flower hairslide

Bridal Hair Accessory - HS1

Hairslide with Glass Flowers

Sorry - we are no longer trading on this website

Based on our gorgeous Bridal Hair Pin BGP5, the flowers in this very pretty hairslide are made of Crystal AB hearts and finished with a little white pearls. Very bridal and very romantic!

clear crystal flower with indian pink swarovski faceted round bead at the centre
For a little more sparkle why not swap the pearl for a Swarovski Crystal Faceted Round bead - here, for matching pin BGP5 we have used Indian Pink for real impact and colour.

This slide is perfect for the bride looking for a simple, yet eye catching hair decoration for her wedding day and because we can use a smaller (80mm) hair slide, it is also perfect for both adult and smaller bridesmaids.

The slide is available in Crystal or Crystal AB for the flower with a choice of over 40 pearls or crystals for the centre bead - all of which are shown below.

This design is ONLY available on a silver plated slide with matching wire.

Ordering and Customizing Your Hairslide

All our hair slides are handmade to order and it is easy to customize your bridal hair slides to meet your specific requirements - and remember by changing the colours used, you may create something unique for your wedding day!

The Hair Slide is shown in the picture in Crystal AB glass heart beads with a White Swarovski Pearl and in the picture of the individual flower we have used clear Crystal and Indian Pink.

When ordering you will need to tell us:
  • What size slide you would like - you can choose EITHER a 80mm or 100mm long slide;
  • What colour you would like us to use for the flower - please choose from Crystal AB, as shown in the main picture OR clear Crystal as shown in the smaller picture above right.
  • What bead type and colour you would like us to use for the centre of the flower - the bead colour charts below will help you with this.
Crystal faceted round
Crystal AB Swarovski faceted round
Crystal AB
Crystal moonlight Swarovski faceted round
Crystal Moonlight
Crystal silver shade Swarovski faceted round
Crystal Silver Shade
White opal Swarovski faceted round
White Opal
White albaster swarovski faceted round bead
White Alabaster
Crystal luminous green swarovski faceted round bead
Crystal Luminous Green
Crystal golden shadow Swarovski faceted round
Crystal Golden Shadow
Light silk swarovski faceted round
Light Silk
Light colorado topaz Swarovski faceted round
Light Colorado Topaz
Light rose faceted round
Light Rose
Rosaline swarovki crystal faceted round bead
Rosewater opal faceted round
Rosewater Opal
Indian pink swarovski faceted round
Indian Pink
Rose Swarovski faceted round
Fuchsia Swarovski faceted round
Violet faceted round
Cyclamen opal swarovski crystal faceted round bead
Cyclamen Opal
Tanzanite Swarovski faceted round
Amethyst Swarovski faceted round
Air blue opal Swarovski faceted round
Air Blue Opal
Aqua faceted round
Turquoise swarovski crystal facetetd round bead
Sapphire Swarovski faceted round
Indian sapphire faceted round
Indian Sapphire
Denim blue swarovski faceted round bead
Denim Blue
Blue zircon Swarovski faceted round
Blue Zircon
Dark indigo swarovski round
Dark Indigo
Peridot faceted round
Olivine Swarovski faceted round
Emerald Swarovski faceted round
Palace green opal Swarovski faceted round
Palace Green Opal
Light siam faceted round
Light Siam
Dark red coral Swarovski faceted round
Dark Red Coral
Siam Swarovski faceted round
Garnet Swarovski faceted round
Sand opal faceted round
Sand Opal
Crystal copper Swarovski faceted round
Crystal Copper
Smoke topaz Swarovski faceted round
Smoke Topaz
Mocca Swarovski faceted round
Light grey opal Swarovski faceted round
Light Grey Opal
Griege swarovski crystal faceted round bead
Jet Swarovski faceted round
Jet AB Swarovski faceted round
Jet AB
White swarovski crystal pearl
Cream Swarovski pearl
Light creamrose swarovski crystal pearl
Light Creamrose
Light gold swarovski pearl
Light Gold
Ivory swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Platinum swaovski crystal pearl
Powder almond swarovski crystal pearl
Powder Almond
Gold Swarovski pearl
Rose gold swarovski crystal pearl
Rose Gold
Bright gold swarovski crystal pearl
Bright Gold
Peach Swarovski pearl
Pink coral swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Pink Coral*
Coral swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Rosaline swarovski crystal pearl
Powder rose swarovski crystal pearl
Powder Rose
Provence lavender swarovski crystal pearl
Provence Lavender
Mauve Swarovski pearl
Dark purple swarovski crystal pearl
Dark Purple
Burgundy swarovski crystal pearl
Red coral swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Red Coral*
Bordeaux swarovski crystal pearl
Jade swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Light green swarovski crystal pearl
Light Green
Powder green swarovski crystal pearl
Powder Green
Light blue swarovski crystal pearl
Light Blue
Turquoise swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Lapis swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Dark lapis swarovski crystal pearl gemcolour bead
Dark Lapis*
Tahitian Swarovski pearl
Petrol swarovski crystal pearl
Midnight blue Swarovski pearl
Midnight Blue
Copper swarovski crystal pearl
Bronze swarovski crystal pearl
Antique brass Swarovski pearl
Antique Brass
Brown Swarovski pearl
Deep brown swarovski crystal pearl
Deep Brown
Light grey swarovski crystal pearl
Light Grey
Dark grey swarovski crystal pearl
Dark Grey
Black swarovski crystal pearl
Mystic black swarovski crystal pearl
Mystic Black*

Pearls marked * indicate Swarovski Gemcolours Pearls - which have a slightly glossier finish than the Crystal Pearls

Please Remember: It is very difficult to convey the beautiful colours and exceptional quality of these beads in a picture. Also, how you view the colours may vary according to the monitor and internet browser you are using.

If you have any doubts about the colour choices you are interested in, please let us know and we will send you a sample.

Bridal hairslide crystal ab & pearl flowersMeasuring & Fitting Advice

This slide (barrette) is supplied in 3 lengths - 100mm (10cms) which has 7 flowers, 80mm (8cms) which has 4 flowers and 60mm (6cms) which has 4 smaller flowers.

The slide is approximately 60mm (6cm) tall - depending on how the small decorative hearts are arranged. These hearts can be removed if required.

The picture should give a good idea of the scale of the larger 100mm slide when worn in the hair.

For more information on wearing barrettes, please see our page on Measuring and Fitting our Jewellery.

Sorry - we are no longer trading on this website